I’m currently an applied scientist at Amazon’s Core AI team in Berlin, and a guest lecturer at the Database Systems and Information Management Group of TU Berlin.

My research focuses on the intersection of data management and machine learning, and incorporates a wide variety of aspects, such as data quality, metadata management for end-to-end ML applications, system design for parallel data processing, scalable algorithms and lately also the application of data mining to domains such as the web and social networks.

I received my Ph.D. from TU Berlin, advised by Volker Markl. During my studies, I have been interning at IBM Research Almaden and Twitter in California. Furthermore, I’m engaged in Open Source as a member of the Apache Software Foundation, where I have been a committer and PMC member in the Mahout, Giraph and Flink projects. Currently I’m serving as a mentor for the Apache MXNet project during its incubation.